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AccessIT 3

A USB-based accessory that gives you complete control over a computer

AccessIT 3 is a small USB accessory that plugs into a Windows computer and gives you complete control via Snap Core First software. AccessIT plugs into the computer and gets recognized as a keyboard or mouse. You can then pair to your Snap Core First device via Bluetooth. This gives you the opportunity to surf the web, write an essay, update friends on Facebook, and more. There is no software installation needed on the PC for AccessIT – just plug it in and go.

Please note, if you will be using Snap Core First on an I-Series+ device, you will need to purchase the AccessIT 3 Kit for I-Series. It includes the AccessIT USB and a BlueTooth Adapter. 

AccessIT requires Snap Core First version 1.7 or higher.

How to buy

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