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Contact us

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If you purchased a product from TobiiDynavox from one of our partners; please contact that partner for any questions regarding the order or your product. For any other questions about our solutions, feel free to contact us directly. It will be a pleasure to answer you. 


Office Location

Tobii Dynavox
2100 Wharton Street
Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203 USA

Technical Support

1-800-344-1778 ext. 1
Monday - Friday 9am – 9pm EST

Solutions Consultants

Please choose the solutions consultant
that is closest to your province.

Dani Mohn, B.A - SLP
Regional Director - Southwest US & CA

TobiiDynavox & Boardmaker - Quebec & Atlantic Provinces

Office: 619-871-8918

Danielle Miller, Sales Consultant for Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

Danielle Franklin
Solutions Consultant - Ontario & Manitoba
Office: 1-800-344-1778, ext. 7989
Cell: 1-416-568-3342

Charles Poeppelman
Solutions Consultant - British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan
Office: 1-800-344-1778
Cell: 1-937-507-5421