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Computer Control

An eye gaze-enabled tool that makes intuitive interaction with your computer possible, empowering you to control your I-Series device and the Windows environment independently.  

Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

C5 Accessible Apps


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The Accessible Apps provide AAC users with a digital optimization tool to engage, experience, and enjoy the world’s most popular apps.

AAC Optimized

Available only on the new I-13 and I-16, the Communicator 5 Accessible Apps provide you with unique control panels based on the digital app you are using.

These control panels enable you to perform both simple and complex actions based on your preferred access method, all within Communicator 5.

With Communicator 5 Accessible Apps you can:

  • Fully participate in social networks.
  • Enjoy all the capabilities of streaming apps.
  • Communicate via messaging apps.

The complete suite of Communicator 5 Accessible Apps includes:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Android Messages
  • Instagram
  • MSN
  • Spotify
  • Google Calendar
  • Netflix
  • Zoom
  • YouTube

The Communicator 5 Accessible Apps provide you with a better experience that requires minimal effort when it comes to using the world’s most popular apps.

Interactwith the apps using your preferred Communicator 5 Accessibility method (eye gaze tracking, switches, touch, etc.) and your preferred Communicator 5 keyboard.

Control the apps using Communicator 5 pages, that are typically located on the left side of the screen, while the apps use the rest of the screen.

Once the Accessible Apps are installed through Communicator 5, you’re ready to go. If any updates are made to the apps you’re using, like Facebook, they are done automatically, so you never have to worry about down time.

Watch the Communicator 5 Accessible App in action!

To view more Communicator 5 Accessible App videos, please click here.

For I-Series users, getting started with the Communicator 5 Accessible Apps is easy.

Before you start:

1. Make sure you have an Internet connection.

2. If you just received your Tobii Dynavox I-13 or I-16 device, the Communicator 5 Accessible Apps pagesets are installed and ready to use. If you’ve had your device, install the updates from Update Notifier and the pagesets will be added to Communicator 5.

3.Use the “Accessible App Options” page set to setup your accessibility preferences. With this page set, you will be able to set your preferred accessibility method and some of its parameters, like dwell time. The parameters you set here will be active across all Communicator 5 Accessible Apps but will not affect selection of Communicator 5 buttons.

First time usage:

1. General app structure – All apps have a Menu button on the main page. This button leads to the menu page, which includes (1) the main app specific functions, (2) the Options button with app specific options, and (3) the Utilities button with all the recovery tools.

2. Using an app for the first time – Each Communicator 5 Accessible App has an information or a login and information button on the first page (the login and information button will appear only if the app requires the user to log in). Click this button the first time you use each app to login (if needed), setup the app’s main parameters, and go to the Training Cards page of the app.

  • Make sure that you have the login and password for the app you want to use available. Login is only required the first time you use the app on the device.
  • The following apps require login and password: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix and Google Calendar.
  • YouTube does not require one, but using a Google account is needed if you want to be able to browse your history and get personal recommendations.
  • WhatsApp and Android messages (SMS) will require scanning a QR code on your screen the first time you use them.

Some apps require permissions like using the computer camera and microphone. These permissions are granted by Communicator 5 Accessible App automatically. You can review the list of permissions granted in the Training Cards page of each app.


Tips and Tricks:

1. Recovery Options – If something goes wrong and you are “lost”, look for the Utilities button. You will find it in all the apps on the Menu page. Clicking it will take you to a page with multiple recovery options:

  • Recover – “Lost” the app and don’t know where it is? Trying to do something but there is no response? Click the “Recover” button to either bring the app window back to focus or if it was closed by mistake it will open it in a new window.
  • Close Window – Too many open windows? Click this button to systematically close them one by one.
  • Window Mode – Click this button if you want the app to exit Full Screen mode so that you can get access to the device desktop.
  • Pop-up messages – Communicator 5 Accessible Apps try to filter out all pop-ups automatically. If a message does appear and is not closed, you can use the Previous Field or Next Field buttons and then the Enter button to close it.

2. Direct Selection – In some cases, Communicator 5 Accessible Apps allow direct selection from the app area. Examples include – selection of a YouTube video, a post to view on Instagram, a contact in WhatsApp. etc. In all these cases, Communicator 5 Accessible Apps highlight the selectable area in the app. To enable direct selection, you need to click the Select button. After doing that, the selectable items on the screen will be highlighted. If the table includes arrows, the arrows are always selectable.

3. Exiting apps – There are two buttons that can be used to go to Communicator 5 Home Page – Close and Exit (the big button) and Exit Only (the small one). The first one closes the app, and takes you to the Home Page. The second one will take you to the Home Page and will minimize the app. Use the second one only if you need the app open i.e. if you want the Spotify song to play on the background, or if you want to return to the same location in Facebook. Otherwise, use Close and Exit to avoid having too many open windows.

Discover training resources to get more from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps.

Quick Guides

These documents provide instructions on how to get setup and started with the Communicator 5 Accessible Apps.